The Power that Lingerie Brings

It is a study of human psychology, and one that most would actually pay for. Why do men fall down at our feet when we wear lingerie? Why do silly boys spend their time drooling over purloined catalogs featuring unattainable women in the same? Why do women fork over billions every year to lingerie shops and designers? Why are we breathless over a gorgeous corset even before we slither into it? These things are the power of lingerie, the power that it graciously bestows upon us when we put it on.

If you don’t believe in the power of lingerie, it might simply be because you are not paying attention at all or because you are not wearing the right type. All you have to do is slip into the right bra and suddenly you are taller, more upright. You feel younger and hey, you look thinner. It is a magical transformation that is psychological as much as it is physical. You feel as much as you are changed by appearance. But, there is more.

It has long been known by various experts that certain colors can have major affects on your mood and personality. Yellow, for instance can make you feel sunny and bright. Blue can make you feel calmer. Red can make you feel energized and more powerful. Lingerie in any of those colors can make you feel those emotions even though you are not technically seeing it. You know it is there, you know what color you slipped into that morning.

A man, embarrassed and afraid may think he is never going to be able to manage buying lingerie. He may vow never to set foot in one of those lingerie shops he passes in the mall. Nope, you won’t find him darting among the bras and the thongs, the teddies and the negligees. And then, one day he will find the woman that makes him do things he never imagined himself doing. She makes him ache when she is away from him. She makes him giggle like a dizzy youth. She makes him angrier than he has ever been but he forgives her faster than any other soul. He has bought strange things at the drug store in the middle of the night. He has wept for her, has forsaken his lifelong pals for her. He would bleed for her and if needed, would trade his life for hers. He is sure that he would die without her. And now, he is buying her lingerie. Part of him would like to think that it is the power of lingerie that has driven him there.

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