Seamless Underwear and its Benefits

Listen ladies, it is time to talk about VPL- visible panty lines. If you have ever got caught checking out your own caboose in the glass of a door as you pass by, then you know how serious the worry is that VPL will strike you. Unless you wanted to announce your favorite panties to the world, you need to work to minimize, or even eliminate panty lines altogether. That is where seamless underwear comes in. 

Far from only eliminating the appearance of panty lines, seamless underwear also has a number of additional benefits for the average wearer. But, to get those benefits, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind first. Let’s start with the way that this underwear fit you.

Seamless underwear should fit snugly but not tight. The difference is fairly simple to spot. A snug fit cups the buttocks, lifting them gently. Underwear that is too tight is not only difficult to pull on, but causes pain and leaves red marks on the skin. If there is flesh oozing over the top or under the bottom of any part of your underwear, again, it is too small for you. (On the other hand, if you are constantly pulling them back up or worse, you look like a baby with a diaper that needs changing, the underwear is too big.)

Once you have the right sized underwear, the next step is to find the right material. Seamless underwear should be firm enough to hold you in without being actual shape wear. (It is just underwear, not magic, after all.) Satiny underwear will allow you the clothing to just glide over them, eliminating some of the problem with cling that you might get with other types of material. Cling might be a more serious problem with some materials over others. For instance, you won’t have to worry about cling with blue jeans as much as you would with thinner, more see through types of material.

If you have the right underwear on, you have eliminated a number of problem areas that you might have with your clothing. It can help to get rid of that horrid muffin top. You won’t have the areas of extra flesh that sneak out from under your elastic. Your clothing will not cling or bunch up around your underwear and of course, you won’t be seeing any panty lines that cause so much trouble with other styles of underwear.

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