Womens Underwear: What is the Best Material

Womens underwear can come in dozens of styles, many colors and of course, many sizes. But, while it is important to know what style fits you best and feels right for you, what your underwear is made of can be just as important. There are some interesting materials in women’s underwear; you just have to make sure that you find exactly what you want or need.

Cotton and Organic Cotton

Of all of the materials used in making womens underwear, cotton or organic cotton is one of the most comfortable, breathable and soft choices that you can make. Anyone who has very sensitive skin or may have problems with allergies will be well served by cotton panties. In the summer months, cotton panties can be a comfortable choice to wear with a light cotton tank.

Nylon, Rayon and Blends

Many types of womens underwear come in shinier materials. Some people find that nylon is not as comfortable and may not breathe as well as other material choices. Make sure that any of the underwear that you buy in these materials has a soft, cotton crotch which can lesson some of the problems that are typical.

Spandex, Lycra and Other Stretchy Materials

For those ladies who need a little bit of support in their underwear, keeping their tummies tucked and their butts lifted, women’s underwear with a little bit of spandex, lycra or other stretchy materials is a great way not only to give you the best figure that you could possibly have but to remind you to hold your tummy firm as well, training your abdominal muscles as you go about your day.

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