Ba-Ba Bustier, Are You Made of Wool?

The girl in the mirror is pouting again. She wanted to wear something silky, something sassy, but it was winter and the girl who was never in the mirror was always cold. Time for the woolen underwear, the long sleeves, the turtlenecks and everything else. The fat girl inside of the two girls lamented that the girl still dragged them all out of bed, made them do yoga and run on the treadmill, do the hula hoop and lift weights and never lets them eat a dozen cookies at one time. And for what? To hide them all under layers of bulky clothes and scratchy feeling sweaters? What was the sense in that? Wouldn’t the girl be warmer if she was just fatter?

But, the girl that is not in the mirror has a surprise for the one that is stuck in the glass. They are going to find something that they can all consider a compromise. The girl in the mirror will be thrilled because it is fashionable and the fat girl will be glad because it is sexy and well worth all the effort doing the yoga and exercise. Ah yes, ladies, the girl has bought a beautiful new bustier. It is sturdy, warm and sexy. It is perfect, simply perfect.

So, the girl in the mirror sighs as she admires the bustier. The fat girl rejoices and for once, does not worry about the whole idea of not getting a second cookie or a slice of bread. They all admire the girl in the new bustier as she twirls and whirls, running her hands down her sides and feeling how soft and sleek it is and how it makes her body look so curvy and perfect.

If you have never made every part of you happy with something that you have worn, it is time to remedy that. After all, you are responsible for the happiness of the person who stares out at you from the mirror, the one that speaks to you from deep within you and all the other parts of your personality. Give that woman a bustier or some other piece of sexy lingerie and let her feel girly once in a while. Slap on a hockey jersey and let her feel bad and bold a time or two. Let her feel like a fairy tale princess, a head crushing Amazon warrior or anything else you can dream up.

The bustier was just the beginning for the girl in the mirror and the girl not stuck in there. They found themselves agreeing on a number of other items as well because suddenly they were both happier with one another and that truly does help.

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