He really is a pain in a butt, you know. He never says what he is feeling; he plays everything really close to the chest. Just when she is fed up with him, right up to her emerald green eyes, he does something that floors her and lures her back in.

The girl in the mirror is pouting again. She wanted to wear something silky, something sassy, but it was winter and the girl who was never in the mirror was always cold……

Beth, the librarian is so often overlooked by the young men and women who come in; looking for books they have to have. She can’t believe that they don’t want to breathe in the scent of the books, the old and cracked leather bindings almost intoxicating to her.

There once was a stupid, stupid mailman, a real block head or the most oblivious creature ever put on the planet. Every day for a week, he brought a package or certified letters to this one house and every day for that week..

The group of southern women all stood glaring and assessing one another. Now, before anyone gets the idea that this is something that only southern women would engage in..

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