Let Coloured Lingerie do the Talking

Color is not just a lifeless thing; it has nuances that are unique to each shade. Color can perk you up when you are feeling a little down and gloomy. It can relax you when you are feeling all riled up and anxious. It can make you feel more confident, sexier and more relaxed in your own skin, or it can make you feel more in love and more loving toward the person you are with. When you apply the concept of color to your lingerie, you can let your lovely, lacy items do the talking for you.

Beyond Red and Black for Sexiness

Among themselves, men will talk about checking a woman’s lingerie to see if they are getting the green light for that date or not. They will tell each other that black or red are the colors that signal their imminent success. Listen fellows: they are not the only colors that speak of passionate nights ahead. A woman, a gorgeous blonde no less, has a favorite color, one that she is quite passionate about. That color is emerald green and when this blonde is ready to show her lingerie to a new special someone, that is the color of choice. Don’t think that red or black are the only colors of interest and sexuality.

Pastels for Adults?

Dainty blush pink, whimsical blue and mint green- reserved for babies, only? Perish the thought. Your lingerie can be pastel colors- perfect and dainty. Those colors can make you feel soft and gentle even on days where you would cheerfully rip the head from the next person to cross your path. Soft does not translate to weakness- but it can take some of the edge off some of your attitude. You may feel a little sweeter with a pale purple bra set on, even if you are wearing a work uniform.

Party Time Colors and Prints

Your friend calls you and says no ifs, and or buts about it- you are going out that night. Complaining and whining is not going to keep it from happening and you stomp into your room to drag something out of your closet. You pull out the metallic bra set or the zebra corset and suddenly, you are ready for a night out. Nothing really changed except for the lingerie you were wearing – and that is when you know that you have magic in your underwear drawer!

The color of your lingerie might be a secret for only you to know. You could have one wild night where everyone gets a glimpse of something, or another of what you are wearing. Regardless, the way that the color makes you feel will be obvious to everyone who sees you.

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