Expensive Lingerie – Is it Worth the Cost

Once upon a time, I thought nothing of dropping a few hundred dollars on an item that tripped my trigger. And then, I had children. Now, I do not suggest that it is all cotton and cheapies the minute you become a mother, but you do make some sacrifices and you do learn to economize in some areas. But, the question that gets asked time and time again is simple: is the more expensive lingerie worth its extra costs? Well, that depends on exactly how you define the word “worth”. These are some of the factors that you might want to consider when choosing your lingerie, no matter what the cost might be.

Are You Paying More Just for the Name?

Sometimes expensive lingerie costs more because it is of higher quality materials or a better design. Sometimes expensive lingerie is no better than what you are wearing right this very minute but comes bearing that bigger price tag because of the fancy pants label that is sewn inside of it. Not all designers triple charge their potential customers just for the privilege of wearing their clothing designs. If you would like to find a particular designer or a certain line, that is fine but be prepared to have a bit of sticker shock.

When Expensive Lingerie is More Worthy of the Price

But, there are times when expensive lingerie is well worth the price. For instance, two similarly designed corsets may look pretty identical at first, but once you start paying careful attention, you might notice some of the differences that set the two apart. The more expensive article may be made with a better type of material, with more even and secure stitching, which means that not only will it look better but will last longer as well.

The less expensive lingerie might have scratchy, itchy materials that are uncomfortable against your skin. The stitching might pull or pucker and will not lay flat. Hems might not be as even as they should be.

Why Do You Want to Buy This Expensive Lingerie in the First Place?

Finally, it might be a matter of pure psychology that is driving you towards this purchase in the first place. Do you want to buy expensive lingerie purely to satisfy a need that might be better served by trying to accomplish something or making some change in your life? Do you want to buy it because you are feeling unloved, underappreciated or unwanted?  Do you think that by buying expensive lingerie your man might notice you?  Buy it because you deserve the best or because you love the design. Buy it for the workmanship or even for the amazing way it feels whenever you wear it. Don’t buy it in place of the love and affection you should be not only demanding but getting!

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