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Bra Types and the Right Bra Fit

In the world of lingerie, there are few things that make the experts cringe more than seeing the wrong bra type or the wrong size on a woman. The one exception might be one that is both: wrong type of … Continue reading

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A Bra That Provides the Perfect Fit and Look

The prettiest sweater, the slinkiest dress, even your beat up sweatshirt is all perfect on the hanger. But, you slip them on and suddenly you are unhappy with what you are seeing. It’s not the clothes, we have established that. … Continue reading

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The Bra – So Many to Choose From

Bras – There is an enormous selection to choose from these days. Sports bras, demi bras, lace bras, underwire bras, you name it, there is sure to be a bra out there to cover just about anything. Continue reading

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A Good Bra Can Achieve a Natural Breast Lift

Hey if you missed this information the first five million times it was said, here it is again: most women are wearing the wrong size bra. In fact, statistically, the numbers are roughly 85% of all women are wearing the … Continue reading

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