Bra Types and the Right Bra Fit

In the world of lingerie, there are few things that make the experts cringe more than seeing the wrong bra type or the wrong size on a woman. The one exception might be one that is both: wrong type of bra in the wrong size. Too many women are too afraid to consider their breasts – and what they need to dress those breasts.

You know those lingerie ads where the large breasted woman is standing, duck face pout, hair teased and her rounded top half spilling over the cups of her bra? They do that pose and that look to titillate the general public. But, did you know that your bra is not supposed to fit like that? It looks great on the model, of course, but for the regular women of the world, there are more important needs.

Start with the right type of bra. You have to look at the various types that are available including the full cup, the demi cup, the balconette and the pushup. There are sports bras, sleep bras and even the wonder bra. For those who are not very well endowed, there are water bras which give a little bit of a boost to what you have.  Each of these bras have their time and their place- some are better for the smaller chest while others are perfect for women who have larger a bustline. But, to add to the confusion, each bra might be more perfect in certain situations- for instance, with the type of neckline that you are wearing. Remember this rule: if you are wearing a dress that is strapless, your bra should be as well.

Once you find the right type of bra, it is time to make sure that you have the right fit. A bra should fit you well, with support and comfort when hooked on the middle hook. In some cases, you might have to start off with the first hook and then move to the middle after the bra has stretched just a little. Once the bra has stretched out so much that you have lost all sense of support, it is done and should be retired from your rotation.

A bra that leaves marks on your skin is too small. A bra that rides up over your breasts is also too small. On the other hand, a bra that is puckering in the middle is too large for you. Another sign that a bra is too large is constant adjustments or tugging at the bra when you are out or the day.

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