Seamless Underwear and its Benefits

Listen ladies, it is time to talk about VPL- visible panty lines. If you have ever got caught checking out your own caboose in the glass of a door as you pass by, then you know how serious the worry is that VPL will strike you. Unless you wanted to announce your favorite panties to the world, you need to work to minimize, or even eliminate panty lines altogether. That is where seamless underwear comes in. 

Far from only eliminating the appearance of panty lines, seamless underwear also has a number of additional benefits for the average wearer. But, to get those benefits, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind first. Let’s start with the way that this underwear fit you.

Seamless underwear should fit snugly but not tight. The difference is fairly simple to spot. A snug fit cups the buttocks, lifting them gently. Underwear that is too tight is not only difficult to pull on, but causes pain and leaves red marks on the skin. If there is flesh oozing over the top or under the bottom of any part of your underwear, again, it is too small for you. (On the other hand, if you are constantly pulling them back up or worse, you look like a baby with a diaper that needs changing, the underwear is too big.)

Once you have the right sized underwear, the next step is to find the right material. Seamless underwear should be firm enough to hold you in without being actual shape wear. (It is just underwear, not magic, after all.) Satiny underwear will allow you the clothing to just glide over them, eliminating some of the problem with cling that you might get with other types of material. Cling might be a more serious problem with some materials over others. For instance, you won’t have to worry about cling with blue jeans as much as you would with thinner, more see through types of material.

If you have the right underwear on, you have eliminated a number of problem areas that you might have with your clothing. It can help to get rid of that horrid muffin top. You won’t have the areas of extra flesh that sneak out from under your elastic. Your clothing will not cling or bunch up around your underwear and of course, you won’t be seeing any panty lines that cause so much trouble with other styles of underwear.

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Bra Types and the Right Bra Fit

In the world of lingerie, there are few things that make the experts cringe more than seeing the wrong bra type or the wrong size on a woman. The one exception might be one that is both: wrong type of bra in the wrong size. Too many women are too afraid to consider their breasts – and what they need to dress those breasts.

You know those lingerie ads where the large breasted woman is standing, duck face pout, hair teased and her rounded top half spilling over the cups of her bra? They do that pose and that look to titillate the general public. But, did you know that your bra is not supposed to fit like that? It looks great on the model, of course, but for the regular women of the world, there are more important needs.

Start with the right type of bra. You have to look at the various types that are available including the full cup, the demi cup, the balconette and the pushup. There are sports bras, sleep bras and even the wonder bra. For those who are not very well endowed, there are water bras which give a little bit of a boost to what you have.  Each of these bras have their time and their place- some are better for the smaller chest while others are perfect for women who have larger a bustline. But, to add to the confusion, each bra might be more perfect in certain situations- for instance, with the type of neckline that you are wearing. Remember this rule: if you are wearing a dress that is strapless, your bra should be as well.

Once you find the right type of bra, it is time to make sure that you have the right fit. A bra should fit you well, with support and comfort when hooked on the middle hook. In some cases, you might have to start off with the first hook and then move to the middle after the bra has stretched just a little. Once the bra has stretched out so much that you have lost all sense of support, it is done and should be retired from your rotation.

A bra that leaves marks on your skin is too small. A bra that rides up over your breasts is also too small. On the other hand, a bra that is puckering in the middle is too large for you. Another sign that a bra is too large is constant adjustments or tugging at the bra when you are out or the day.

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Let Coloured Lingerie do the Talking

Color is not just a lifeless thing; it has nuances that are unique to each shade. Color can perk you up when you are feeling a little down and gloomy. It can relax you when you are feeling all riled up and anxious. It can make you feel more confident, sexier and more relaxed in your own skin, or it can make you feel more in love and more loving toward the person you are with. When you apply the concept of color to your lingerie, you can let your lovely, lacy items do the talking for you.

Beyond Red and Black for Sexiness

Among themselves, men will talk about checking a woman’s lingerie to see if they are getting the green light for that date or not. They will tell each other that black or red are the colors that signal their imminent success. Listen fellows: they are not the only colors that speak of passionate nights ahead. A woman, a gorgeous blonde no less, has a favorite color, one that she is quite passionate about. That color is emerald green and when this blonde is ready to show her lingerie to a new special someone, that is the color of choice. Don’t think that red or black are the only colors of interest and sexuality.

Pastels for Adults?

Dainty blush pink, whimsical blue and mint green- reserved for babies, only? Perish the thought. Your lingerie can be pastel colors- perfect and dainty. Those colors can make you feel soft and gentle even on days where you would cheerfully rip the head from the next person to cross your path. Soft does not translate to weakness- but it can take some of the edge off some of your attitude. You may feel a little sweeter with a pale purple bra set on, even if you are wearing a work uniform.

Party Time Colors and Prints

Your friend calls you and says no ifs, and or buts about it- you are going out that night. Complaining and whining is not going to keep it from happening and you stomp into your room to drag something out of your closet. You pull out the metallic bra set or the zebra corset and suddenly, you are ready for a night out. Nothing really changed except for the lingerie you were wearing – and that is when you know that you have magic in your underwear drawer!

The color of your lingerie might be a secret for only you to know. You could have one wild night where everyone gets a glimpse of something, or another of what you are wearing. Regardless, the way that the color makes you feel will be obvious to everyone who sees you.

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The Power that Lingerie Brings

It is a study of human psychology, and one that most would actually pay for. Why do men fall down at our feet when we wear lingerie? Why do silly boys spend their time drooling over purloined catalogs featuring unattainable women in the same? Why do women fork over billions every year to lingerie shops and designers? Why are we breathless over a gorgeous corset even before we slither into it? These things are the power of lingerie, the power that it graciously bestows upon us when we put it on.

If you don’t believe in the power of lingerie, it might simply be because you are not paying attention at all or because you are not wearing the right type. All you have to do is slip into the right bra and suddenly you are taller, more upright. You feel younger and hey, you look thinner. It is a magical transformation that is psychological as much as it is physical. You feel as much as you are changed by appearance. But, there is more.

It has long been known by various experts that certain colors can have major affects on your mood and personality. Yellow, for instance can make you feel sunny and bright. Blue can make you feel calmer. Red can make you feel energized and more powerful. Lingerie in any of those colors can make you feel those emotions even though you are not technically seeing it. You know it is there, you know what color you slipped into that morning.

A man, embarrassed and afraid may think he is never going to be able to manage buying lingerie. He may vow never to set foot in one of those lingerie shops he passes in the mall. Nope, you won’t find him darting among the bras and the thongs, the teddies and the negligees. And then, one day he will find the woman that makes him do things he never imagined himself doing. She makes him ache when she is away from him. She makes him giggle like a dizzy youth. She makes him angrier than he has ever been but he forgives her faster than any other soul. He has bought strange things at the drug store in the middle of the night. He has wept for her, has forsaken his lifelong pals for her. He would bleed for her and if needed, would trade his life for hers. He is sure that he would die without her. And now, he is buying her lingerie. Part of him would like to think that it is the power of lingerie that has driven him there.

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Expensive Lingerie – Is it Worth the Cost

Once upon a time, I thought nothing of dropping a few hundred dollars on an item that tripped my trigger. And then, I had children. Now, I do not suggest that it is all cotton and cheapies the minute you become a mother, but you do make some sacrifices and you do learn to economize in some areas. But, the question that gets asked time and time again is simple: is the more expensive lingerie worth its extra costs? Well, that depends on exactly how you define the word “worth”. These are some of the factors that you might want to consider when choosing your lingerie, no matter what the cost might be.

Are You Paying More Just for the Name?

Sometimes expensive lingerie costs more because it is of higher quality materials or a better design. Sometimes expensive lingerie is no better than what you are wearing right this very minute but comes bearing that bigger price tag because of the fancy pants label that is sewn inside of it. Not all designers triple charge their potential customers just for the privilege of wearing their clothing designs. If you would like to find a particular designer or a certain line, that is fine but be prepared to have a bit of sticker shock.

When Expensive Lingerie is More Worthy of the Price

But, there are times when expensive lingerie is well worth the price. For instance, two similarly designed corsets may look pretty identical at first, but once you start paying careful attention, you might notice some of the differences that set the two apart. The more expensive article may be made with a better type of material, with more even and secure stitching, which means that not only will it look better but will last longer as well.

The less expensive lingerie might have scratchy, itchy materials that are uncomfortable against your skin. The stitching might pull or pucker and will not lay flat. Hems might not be as even as they should be.

Why Do You Want to Buy This Expensive Lingerie in the First Place?

Finally, it might be a matter of pure psychology that is driving you towards this purchase in the first place. Do you want to buy expensive lingerie purely to satisfy a need that might be better served by trying to accomplish something or making some change in your life? Do you want to buy it because you are feeling unloved, underappreciated or unwanted?  Do you think that by buying expensive lingerie your man might notice you?  Buy it because you deserve the best or because you love the design. Buy it for the workmanship or even for the amazing way it feels whenever you wear it. Don’t buy it in place of the love and affection you should be not only demanding but getting!

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