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A Bra That Provides the Perfect Fit and Look

The prettiest sweater, the slinkiest dress, even your beat up sweatshirt is all perfect on the hanger. But, you slip them on and suddenly you are unhappy with what you are seeing. It’s not the clothes, we have established that. … Continue reading

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The Difference between Real and Fake Corsets

There are many differences between what is considered a real corset and the corsets of today that you might wear. Boning, waist training, and the shape that you desire all come into the mix. Continue reading

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Lingerie – Seductive Glamour

Lingerie means something different to all of us. It can be the difference between feeling confident and sexy and feeling tired and worn out. Adding a bit of glamour, a touch of sex appeal can make all the difference in the world. Continue reading

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Panties vs. the Thong and G-String

Its all about comfort right, or sex appeal? So the basic differences are – a thong has a wider band while a g-string is just that, a string at the back. Now panties come in all styles from boyshorts to bikinis and even granny panties. Continue reading

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Corset Tops for Wearing Out

Corsets are a beautiful garment that can be worn not only in the bedroom but as a stylish addition to your daywear. Dress them up with a sexy pair of jeans or a stylish skirt and your good to go. Continue reading

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